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JOYVIAL Group Coaching Programs

Are you ready to live your healthiest, most JOYful and fulfilled life?

Would you like to...

  • Live in the moment, breathe deeply, laugh out loud, and feel satisfied with your life?

  • Feel alert and focused from the moment you wake to the late afternoon meeting?

  • Create daily routines that ensure you’re focusing on the things that matter most to you and your family?

  • End the day in gratitude realizing your living from a place of peace, passion and purpose?

  • Take control over your spinning mind and feel a sense of knowing everything will work out for the best?

  • Inspire your team, community and family by living your best life?

Group Coaching Programs

Our Group Coaching Programs

Our JOYVIAL executive health coaches are offering four virtual group coaching programs to help you live a more joyful, balanced and fulfilled life. 

  1. JOYful Routines: Implement routines that enhance, connect, balance and bring healthy rhythm to your life.

  2. JOYful Focus: Develop your mental focus and rebalance your brain health for life.

  3. JOYfully Empowered: Deepen your connection to body, mind and spirit. Be empowered to live a life you love.

  4. JOYful Mindset:  Manage your anxiety and control your mindset while busting through subconscious beliefs.

JOYVIAL group coaching

JOYful Routines: 

Implement routines that enhance, connect, balance and bring healthy rhythm to your life.

  • Are you frustrated and tired of trying to “juggle all the balls” and “spin all the plates” in your life without giving meaningful attention to the areas that matter most to you?

  • Does that voice in your head want you to believe that you are failing and feel like things are not going as you had planned?

  • Do you desire a deep sense of balance, well-being and harmony?

Under the guidance of your executive health coach, find out how to take back ownership of your life by discovering how personalized reflection and a deepened awareness allow you to assess, identify and experience healthy rhythms in your life.

JOYVIAL Group Coaching

JOYful Focus

Optimize brain health for peak performance.


  • Would you like to gain greater focus and learn what you can do to stay mentally sharp for the rest of your life?

  • Do you believe brain fog and cognitive decline are just part of getting older? They’re not!

  • Do you have trouble remembering things, or have a tendency to tell others the same stories again and again? Are you fearful that you are literally “losing your mind”?


JOYVIAL executive health coach MJ will lead you to explore the neuroplasticity of our brains and share how what we eat, and other lifestyle choices affect our cognitive functioning. Receive concrete tools and resources to enhance your brain health and stay sharp and focused for life.

JOYfully Empowered:  

Live a life you love with greater self-awareness.


  • Are you frazzled, running non-stop, doing everything for everyone, trying to control every situation, only to feel frustrated and alone?

  • Would you like a sense of peace and calm and the ability to reconnect to who you truly are?

  • Do you aspire to have a deeper spiritual connection to self and others while becoming more grounded and empowered?


Your executive health coach will delve deeply into the personalized coaching approach using the Enneagram profile. She covers topics such as mindfulness, self- care, setting clear boundaries, spiritual connection and overall wellness. 


JOYful Mindset

Manage your mindset and bust through subconscious beliefs.


  • Do you lose sleep due to anxiety, worrying about your circumstances or others around you?

  • Do you find yourself in “fix-it” mode to control situations so you feel better and more relaxed, only to find there’s something else to worry about?

  • Are you craving peace and calm and a deep sense all will be OK and that you can let go, start to breathe and enjoy life? 



Your executive health coach will explore the specifics of anxiety and how it affects your mind.  You’ll learn how anxiety is witnessed in the body, how your past experiences and your foods and lifestyle choices influence it and create a wellness plan utilizing holistic solutions to manage your anxiety and mindset for life. 

Customized Programs

Are you leading a team looking to support their physical and mental wellbeing? In addition to the four programs outlined above, we also offer customized corporate group programs.  Please contact JOYVIAL to talk through your unique needs.

Whatever your needs are, we can support you!

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