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JOYfully Empowered

Live a life you love with greater self-awareness

  • Are you frazzled, running non-stop, doing everything for everyone, trying to control every situation, only to feel frustrated and alone?

  • Would you like a sense of peace and calm and the ability to reconnect to who you truly are?

  • Do you aspire to have a deeper spiritual connection to self and others while becoming more grounded and empowered?

By the end of this program, you’ll have:


  • A deeper understand of who you are as well as an enhanced spiritual connection and the ability to prioritize your self-care.

  • Ability to set healthy boundaries while boosting your spiritual, physical and emotional health. 

  • The tools and techniques to cultivate greater peace and contentment in your life. 


Health coach Patty leads the JOYfully Empowered program which offers a road map for total wellness including healthy living and functioning.  A certified international and integrative health coach, Patty delves deeply into the personalized coaching approach using the Enneagram profile.


"Patty changed my view of how effective health coaching can be….

I used to stress a lot but today I feel more settled and less worried. 

~ Saida Sharapova, MD MPH

Please click the picture arrows for more detailed information on health coach Patty.

The Program includes:

  • The expertise of a professional, experienced, fully vetted, Certified Health and Wellness Coach. 

  • Six 60 - 75 minute LIVE virtual group coaching sessions, via video platform.

  • Each session will offer new concepts and ideas, assess current practices, explore potentials, offer solutions to challenges and obstacles, and leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

  • Fun and safe environment to allow for optimal sharing and growth.

  • Each program is limited to 10 participants. 

JOYful Empowered will be on the following Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. - 02/04, 02/11, 02/18, 02/25, 03/04 and 03/11.

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