From Stress to Bliss

How to Master the Power of your Mind

How much time, efficiency, and success will you gain when you quit worrying and focus on experiencing JOY in every part of your life?

Why book Hanni?

I've experienced and therefore understand the work environment and associated pressure for constant revenue and profit growth and the impact it can have on your health and outlook on life. 

I've tested each of the tools I want to give you, having seen them work again and again. Because it is possible to juggle the demands of life with a genuine smile and create sustainable success in your progressive career.

I've got energy...lots of it. That coupled with my interactive approach will leave the audience feeling energized and committed to applying the learned techniques in their everyday life. 

I'm super passionate about helping you and your team feel physically vibrant, focused, joyful, and energized to live your best life, and I'll do everything in my power to convey the 'how' in our time together. 

I tailor my presentation based on your audience's needs, learning about your team's unique stressors, and incorporating their distinct needs into our workshop. This approach will allow every person to leave the meeting with their personalized action plan.

I create an experience your team will still be talking about weeks after the event. They'll feel motivated to practice the learnings and support each other on their mission to succeed together.

"Hanni's talk was

informative, inspiring and engaging.


We all are challenged with stress at various levels which can negatively affect the quality of our lives.


Hanni provides insights and solutions that we can all implement to create our best selves and ultimately our best lives.

If you’re looking for a Health Coach and/or Speaker, I highly recommend Hanni, she will exceed your expectations!!"

Christine Robert

Regional Account Manager  - Disney Institute

Speaking Topic & Approach

Stress Management:

Master the Power of your Mind

"There is too much I'm meant to do in the 24 hours I'm given every day!" Has this thought crossed your mind? Today it is estimated that 80% of all doctors’ visits are directly related to stress - wow!! Symptoms including mood issues, lack of energy, poor sleep, and more, significantly impacting your health and effectiveness at work. Reducing and managing your stress will not only make you a healthier and happier person but undoubtedly add the needed focus at work to ace your career.

By the end of this workshop attendees will be able to:

*  Understand the signs of stress on your body

*  Recognize how your own perception can magnify or reduce stress

*  Implement tools to reduce stress, with many taking just a few minutes

*  Walk out of the room with their personalized action plan and a clear understanding how to implement their committed steps (see below Part 2)

"Hanni is an inspirational speaker.

She shares personal stories that help you connect with her message about wellness, and encourages you to reflect on the impacts to your own life.


I love how Hanni also looks for way to make the concepts she speaks about "tangible" - like stress and the impact on your health. She provides practical tactics to address impacts to your life that enable you to really feel like you can make a change."

Lia B. - IHG

InterContinental Hotels Group

The Approach


I interview selected team members to get an understanding of the unique challenges and stressors in your team members lives.

The event: Our time together can consist of two parts:

Part 1: Keynote Presentation - In a 60-90 minutes interactive presentation I first establishes the needed case for change. I'll grab everyone's attention as I not only outline the symptoms of stress on your body but demonstrate, with everyone's engagement, how your mind literally changes your body's chemistry.  We jointly go through a number of exercises that can easily be implement in your daily life.


Part 2: We'll get to work. In the 30-60 minutes we establish every person's unique reasons to initiated the wanted changes, craft each attendee's action plan, and determine the needed support system so each person is bound to succeed. 

Hanni can be booked for her keynote presentation only (Part 1) if time is limited.

"Being in high pressure jobs throughout my career, I’ve attended a number of stress management seminars & workshops. Hanni took a different approach from which I have already benefited.

I’ve gained new perspectives on how to not only manage my stress, but also how to modify reactions to stressful situations. Great job, Hanni!"


Kimberly Bronner,

Director, Product Management – First Data

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