I'm sure you have tons of questions. Let's answer them right now.

What education and training do  JOYVIAL health coaches have?

We take great pride in the quality of coaches we add to our network. Health coaches who are chosen for you due to your desire to improve areas related to nutrition (e.g. weight management, food cravings, digestion, etc) have been certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® of the Functional Medicine Coaching Acedamy. Health coaches working with you to focus on areas unrelated to nutrition may also be certified by wellcoaches®

Why are JOYVIAL health coaches so effective?

Bio-individuality: Each JOYVIAL health coach values the concept of bio-individuality meaning that there isn't one 'diet', or one type of physical activity, or in general one way of doing things, that fits all. You have a unique background, culture, DNA, and life circumstances that all need to be considered when helping you reach your goals.

Holistic approach: Rather than treating your symptoms, we aim to solve for the root-cause of your discomfort. Let’s take the example of a headache…treating the symptoms (the headache) often implies getting medication to cover it up. In a holistic approach we however help you address the root-cause (stress, sugar, etc.). Once you reduce/remove the trigger you also won’t have the headache anymore.

Coaching approach: Using a true coaching approach means your health coach will ask you questions that will allow you to become more in tune with your body, your needs, and your unique hurdles standing in the way of you reaching your wellness goal, ultimately leading you to making healthier lifestyle choices on your own.

Tools & Techniques: Your JOYVIAL health coach has received extensive education to address your challenges. You’ll received tools and learn techniques that once implemented will create positive change in your life.

Accountability: If your sessions are at two weeks apart your health coach will check in on you to ensure your questions are answered and you stay on track.

Why should I work with a JOYVIAL health coach vs. someone else?

It’s important to note that health coaching is not a regulated field yet, meaning that anybody, regardless of training and education could call themselves a health coach. As I interview coaches in consideration to join the JOYVIAL health coach network, I realize that many come with a set diet in mind, the same list of 15 things everybody should be doing, which means your unique body, background and life circumstances are not considered at all.

That’s why you are going to love working with JOYVIAL. Besides being laser focused on only adding health coaches to the team who have received the right training and have proven to apply these techniques effectively, I’m proud to continuously expand our network with coaches who specialize in different areas of health and wellness.

Are you a busy mom trying to succeed in your career, be the guiding light in your children’s lives and feel the sizzle in your marriage again? I have the right health coach for you. Or are you struggling with digestion, bloating, or weight gain? I have a health coach who specialized in this. Do you find yourself mindlessly eating, craving sweet or salty snacks? Guess what, I have a coach for you!

Whatever your unique situation is, I have a health coach who is passionate and experienced in helping you overcome the obstacles holding you back from living your life to the fullest potential. And if I don’t have the right match for you on the team, I’ll go out and find it. That’s my promise to you.

What’s the difference between a therapist and a health coach?

Generally speaking therapists tend to help you come to peace with situations in your past and present, while your JOYVIAL health coach will help you look ahead to reach the vision of you at your healthiest and best self. Your health coach may talk through pain points from your past or present but only to identify hurdles that hinder you from moving foward. One profession will never replace the other and there are seasons in your life where you will benefit from both.

What’s the difference between health coaching and a diet?

Big difference! For one, diets are estimated to fail 95% of the time over the course of 2 years, meaning that most either gain all their weight back, with some adding even more pounds to the scale. Diets are mostly about restrictions and weight loss, which can be unhealthy if not done correctly…just think of drinking nasty highly processed shakes that suppress hunger…not good.

Health coaching is about creating a sustainable, long-term lifestyle change that you will embrace and enjoy. Rather than restricting you from eating certain foods, we’ll encourage you to add new, healthy foods into your life, which will automatically crowd out unhealthy options.

Who should NOT work with a JOYVIAL health coach?

You want to lose 10 pounds before your best friend’s wedding in 3 weeks? Then JOYVIAL isn’t for you, as our goal will always be to create sustainable long-term change that you’ll embrace and enjoy, something you simply can’t do overnight.

You want to be healthy but can’t commit to setting aside a little extra time for yourself? Then JOYVIAL isn’t for you. We recognize that you have tons of responsibilities and we’ll always do our best to work around your schedule within reason. Having said that you must be willing to elevate your own needs and do your best to take the small steps you agree to in your coaching sessions seriously. Otherwise we propose you hold off until you are ready to pursue your vision of your best self.

What progress can I expect?

Each person is different and much depends on where you started, what your goals are, and your openness and attention to creating positive changes in your life. What’s so great about health coaching (when done right) is that you’ll learn how to apply the coaching techniques yourself, and many do continue on their own as their program comes to an end. Others value the accountability and outside perspective their coach has given them and choose to continue their journey with their coach (or a new coach).

Will I be told what to eat? Do I have to meditate?

No. To clarify, health coaching is a partnership between you and your coach. To achieve your goals, your coach will offer ideas and suggestions. Sometimes these changes will appear small to you, others will stretch you, but key is, you are always in charge how fast you want to move and what you commit to implementing.

I live in California, North Dakota, Florida, ________. Do you have a health coach for me?

Yes! Health coaching sessions are conducted via video conference. Our coaches are available Monday - Friday from 7:30 am - 7:30 pm EST and Saturday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

I’m worried I’m going to fail. Is that possible?

You can’t fail…unless you don’t show up or are unwilling to try out new wellness practices or experiment with new foods. Through greater awareness of your current habits and a clear intention of you at your best self, you’ll automatically start making better choices as you walk through life.

What’s the difference between a registered dietitian and a health coach?

Contrary to a registered dietitian a health coach will not diagnose, treat or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client's life but rather guide and support the development of and progress towards your personal wellness goals. A JOYVIAL health coach will help you become more conscious about your needs, and your unique hurdles standing in the way of reaching your wellness goal, ultimately leading you to making healthier lifestyle choices on your own.