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JOYVIAL® is a network of professional health coaches who help you live your healthiest, most JOYful life.

Does this sound like you?

You thrive at your job, but in one area or another things don’t feel right.

Maybe important relationships in your life need attention?  

You thrive at your job, but in one area or another things don’t feel right...

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You “juggle so many balls” in the air, yet miss to stay focused on the things that matter most to you.

You “juggle so many balls” in the air, yet...

Your doctor (or your intuition) may be begging you to “eat healthier and exercise more”, but you find it difficult to work this into your schedule on a regular basis. 

Your doctor (or your intuition) may be begging you to “eat healthier and exercise more”, but...

Whatever your story, it has become clear that while you love to hustle in the office and the feeling of success, some things are out of alignment.

JOYVIAL’s health coaches work with executives, busy people like yourself, to avoid burn out and create easy strategies for you to look and feel your best.


We know your goals are uniquely yours and that’s why every session is personalized to your needs

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Our Coaches

Our coaches are professionally trained and certified from the most notable health and wellness institutes from around the country. 


Every coach has extensive experience, comes with impressive client testimonials, and adheres to JOYVIAL’s standards for coaching.

All this ensures client growth in a confidentiality environment. 


No matter which coach you choose, you will receive consistent, high quality service. 

Your journey starts with a vision. So, ask yourself:

  • What does your ideal future vision look like?

  • What do you look like at your healthiest and best self?

  • How would you nourish your body?

  • How would your best-self show up for the most important relationships in your life?

  • How would you experience JOY and explore your spirituality?

Our JOYVIAL health coaches help you turn your vision into reality

Realize what’s been holding you back and take meaningful steps to live the life you love.

The Story of JOYVIAL

JOYVIAL(*) was brought to life by Hanni Berger, our founder & CEO, with a passion to help people live a healthy, JOYful and fulfilled life.


After years of hardship and struggle, Hanni learned how to physically thrive and feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at peace.


Having witnessed the powerful guidance of professional health coaches, she wants you to reap those benefits and experience a life full of JOY and peace for yourself.


At age 30, Hanni went through a heart wrenching divorce that led her into a deep depression and an intense sugar addiction that added 20 pounds to her body.


Fast forward 4-5 years Hanni was at the other end of the extreme. She worked out hard and, in a desire to be ‘perfect’, she counted every calorie she put in her mouth. At her corporate job she was focused and driven to ace her career.


She and the rest of the world thought she was living a healthy life, but the stress she put on her mind and body wreaked havoc inside.


It wasn’t until she found a lump in her breast that she finally paused and asked herself what it actually looks like to live a healthy, JOYful and fulfilled life? She found her answers working with an amazing health coach.

What Our Clients Say

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"Working with JOYVIAL was a great experience and I'd highly recommend it for other working professionals trying to be their best self in all aspects of their life."

Melissa ProctorChief Marketing Officer

Atlanta Hawks

*JOY is Hanni’s favorite word as it represents the essence of what, she believes, all of us are meant to experience. Hence the name of JOYVIAL, which is a play on the word ‘jovial’ and therefore pronounced similarly.

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