What does your healthiest, most JOYful life look like?

Turn your vision into reality!

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JOYVIAL serves a growing trend among business leaders who seek to ace and sustain their career and live a healthy and JOYful life.


Providing you access to first class health coaches, we guide you to a lifestyle that supports your mental and physical well-being.

Your Mental Wellbeing
  • Experience more JOY

  • Improve relationships most important in your life

  • Reframe perception of stress

  • Instill optimism and reduce negative self-talk

  • Improve sleep quality

Your Physical Wellbeing
  • Identify supportive foods

  • Work towards optimal weight

  • Reduce & eliminate cravings

  • Improve digestion

  • Identify food intolerances

  • Determine supportive physical work-out routine


Our Approach

Executive One-on-One Health Coaching

Personalized sessions allow for maximum exploration of your unique challenges while offering a safe place to reflect and explore your intentions.


You will be partnered with a JOYVIAL health coach who specializes in guiding you towards your unique vision and goals. 

Group Health Coaching

Experience a supportive community as you explore new ideas to live a healthier, more JOYful and fulfilled life. 


This economical approach is great for individuals and can also be customized for corporations looking for a group environment to build relationships. 

Why Choose JOYVIAL

Work with the Best in the Industry

  • Professional, vetted, certified health coaches

  • Unique areas of specialization

  • Extensive experience and testimonials

Coaching Techniques for Successful Outcomes

  • Personalized and customized approach

  • Confidential and safe environment

  • Utilization of leading edge coaching tools

Vision and Goal Oriented

  • Focused on moving you towards your ideal vision

  • Outcome driven

  • Client centered and guided

What Our Clients Say

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"Working with JOYVIAL was a great experience and I'd highly recommend it for other working professionals trying to be their best self in all aspects of their life."

Melissa ProctorChief Marketing Officer

Atlanta Hawks

At JOYVIAL, our purpose is to create a kinder world.

Let's get started

This is the first step in your journey to living your healthiest, most JOYful, and fulfilled life.