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5 Fun Fall Activities for Creating New Memories

Isn’t fall one of the best seasons of the year?

There are so many opportunities to enjoy all the fall season has to offer. Temperatures are cooling off, and the leaves are changing to the most stunning colors. And, soon we’ll be celebrating Halloween, and preparing for Thanksgiving. What a JOYful season!

Fall is one of the best seasons for family adventures and activities. There are so many kid-friendly outings you can do creating the most beautiful memories together. In today’s blog, we’ve outlined the best 5 outdoor fall activities that are sure to make you JOYful.

1. Apple picking

Apples are the perfect symbol of fall. Typically, the apple harvest begins in August with Gala; followed by Honeycrisp, Cortland, and Jonagold in September; and Braeburn and Cameo in October, to name only a few different varieties.

Many apple orchards specialize in just a few types of apples, while others pride themselves on offering many heirloom varieties. Take the kids apple picking and have fun identifying the different varieties. There are some beautiful farms you can explore in and around the Atlanta area. Don’t forget to pick up some apple cider while you are there.

2. Go on a nature hike

A nature walk is fun any time of the year, but it can be especially mesmerizing during the fall when we can witness the changing colors and the leaves falling. There’s magic in watching the leaves tumble down. Seeing this natural phenomenon may help you realize that it’s time for you to let go of something that needs to be shed as well, something that isn’t serving you in this season of your life. The trees do this so beautifully, letting go of leaves just to sprout with new found energy in spring.

As a side note, piles of leaves are fascinating for kids. They often love picking up the different shapes and playing with the variety of colors. You can even bring a batch home and practice naming which trees they came from.

3. Visit a pumpkin patch

Instead of buying your Halloween pumpkin from the grocery or home improvement store, why not go straight to the source? Your kids will love wandering around the patch to pick the perfect pumpkin.

At a pumpkin patch you can find an amazing variety. The kids can look for big pumpkins for carving or painting. Smaller pumpkins also make excellent centerpieces. Don’t forget to roast the seeds in your oven with fall spices (here’s a great recipe) and even make a few pumpkin pies.

4. Go on a hayride

Since you are already at the pumpkin patch look for a hayride. This is an excellent way to kick back and enjoy nature with smaller kids who may not be up for a long walk. You get to experience the smell and feel of being in nature.

Bundle up with your kids (and your spouse…wink, wink), and get to know other family groups along for the ride. Hay rides are a great setting for your annual family photo. It might just be the perfect addition for your family’s holiday card.

5. Have a bonfire.

Take advantage of the cooler weather and invite friends or family over for a backyard bonfire. The chill in the air makes fall the perfect time to sit together by the warm fire and enjoy a mug of hot cider. There is something mesmerizing about a campfire, don’t you think?

Don't’ you think it’s interesting that there’s always someone in the group that can’t stop poking and prodding at the fire to “really get it going.” This quiet time is perfect for having deeper conversations with our friends and family members. Plus, there is just something about staring into the flames that makes us contemplate life and finally take a moment to relax…truly relax.

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