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The “Magic Bullet” to Weight-loss

Ok it’s January and here we go again…it’s another year and another Groundhog Day. Every year you emerge with the same desire to lose weight and every year your approach to achieving that goal is about the same. And well, the results are about the same too.

Before you read any further, please know you can now watch Hanni share her thoughts on this topic on our YouTube Channel. Or, you can just keep reading.

Does this sound like you?

In your rush to find success THIS year, you may try out hundreds of diets but the principles remain the same. For the most part, it’s all about deprivation. Does this sound familiar?

  • You set your alarm early and push through rigorous daily workouts.

  • You slash all ‘evil foods’ like all bread, pasta, fried foods, and sugar.

  • You hide all alcohol - determined to have none!

  • And, you add all the foods you can’t stand but know they are good for you…broccoli…yuk!

The same determination that makes you successful at work is giving you the drive to push through your new agenda with an “I can do this!” attitude.

Weeks go by and slowly, almost without notice, you start to relax your rigorous program. Instead of no alcohol you negotiate having a glass on weekend nights is okay. Going on Sunday morning for a nice breakfast you initially allow yourself a multigrain bread with your eggs and maybe some french fries with your Saturday evening meal.

Change comes so gradual and by mid-May you’re shocked how far you’ve slipped. But now summer is at the doorstep and you get determined again to make it in time to show off a bikini body. Come September, all efforts go out the window and all your ‘bad habits’ come rushing back with full force.

There is a magic bullet

So what is the secret of everyone who has lost weight and kept it off for decades without hitting the gym six days a week and sticking to a strict diet? Simply...

Make your goal ‘health’ and not ‘weight’.

Being healthy is so much more than having optimal weight. It’s about realizing that...

  • Every cell in your body needs certain nutrients to function.

  • Stress, regardless if mental, physical, or emotional, negatively impacts your entire body chemistry and therefore the health of every cell in your body.

  • Sleep is one of the best ways to restore your body’s own ability to heal and function properly.

  • Our digestive health, influenced by what we consume and what we think, is key to our body’s immune strength.

  • Our physical activity helps improve our mental and physical wellbeing on so many levels.

The big bonus is that when you focus on health excess weight will naturally come off!

How this changes what you do

Our bodies are so much more complex than the simple equation of calories in vs. calories out. Start focusing on a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your well-being. More specifically consider the following concepts:

  1. Rather than eliminating all ‘bad foods’ out of your diet, focus on increasing your intake of foods full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and proteins that support your body. This method is referred to as “crowding out” – effectively pushing out the unwanted foods by filling up with the wanted and healthy foods. If broccoli isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other nutritious foods that I’m sure you can enjoy.

  2. Focus on staying hydrated with water, bone broth, and calming teas to flush out toxins out of your body.

  3. Find ways to restore calm in your life in the midst of your busy schedule. Consider a combination of healing practices like yoga, meditation, walks in nature, intentional breathing exercises, and prayer.

  4. Carve out designated time to pursue a hobby that brings you JOY.

  5. Figure out your preferred way to move your body. I love to dance, do yoga, go hiking, and join the occasional sculpting class. For you it might be running, a Zumba class, or gardening.

IMPORTANT: No matter what you decide to do, I urge you to implement changes gradually into your life. When I returned from my Christmas holiday, I started with 20 minutes of yoga on day 1, 30 minutes of stretching on day 2, a 30-minute sculpting class on day 3, and a 45-minute walk in nature on day 4.

Getting into a rhythm and routine is important. It’s important to slowly integrate new habits, it’s simply too much to integrate everything into your life at once. You’ll get frustrated and quit.

We are here to help

What if this year things were different?

What if you had a road map for success?

What if you could take a little bit of time out here and there to focus on you?

If this sounds exciting to you, let our executive health coaches help you reach the goals you desire. Click the 'Contact' button in the top right corner or simply send us an email to to schedule your free discovery session.

Remember, at JOYVIAL, we are committed to helping you live your healthiest, most JOYful life. For all the latest health and wellness tips and to get inspired, following along with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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