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Got brain fog? Then eat these foods

You give it your all every day, working hard to move your and your company’s mission forward. You want to ace your career, move fast, and stand out for your accomplishments.

Wouldn’t you agree that clearer thoughts, sharper focus, and improved memory would help you achieve your goals better and faster?

Historically we all believed that the brain is the command center of mental health but evolving science is confirming that there is much more to it. If there was ever a call for digestive health, this is it! Your gut is considered your "second brain." There is no denying it anymore.

Before we talk about foods, let’s dive into a few basics of the "gut-brain connection”

Well, I shouldn’t call it basics as the whole system is so very complex, and to be honest, we’re still learning a lot about it.

Multiple factors are working together. Let’s dive into each of those for a moment…

The Vagus nerve

This nerve runs directly from the gut to your brain. And contrary to what you may be thinking 90% of the transmission is not from your brain to your gut, but the other way around!

The enteric nervous system and neurotransmitters

The “enteric nervous system” (ENS) is embedded in the lining of the gastrointestinal system and helps the complex intricacies of digestion flow with little to no involvement from the actual brain. To be more specific the ENS controls things like the breakdown of foods, the absorption of nutrients into your blood flow, and so much more.

No wonder it is called the “2nd brain” considering it has more nerves than your spinal cord? Mind blowing!

The way these nerves talk to each other is via chemical messengers called "neurotransmitters." In fact, many of the neurotransmitters that have a strong affect on our mood are made in the gut! For example, a whopping 95% of serotonin, a chemical that if low can cause depression, is made in your gut, not in your brain!

The gut microbes

These are your friendly gut residents. If you have a healthy gut you have billions of those little guys happily living in there. And they do amazing things like help you digest certain foods, make certain vitamins, and even help regulate inflammation. They also greatly impact certain hormone levels in your body.

More and more evidence is showing that changes in your gut microbiota can impact your mood, and other, more serious, mental health issues.

Our bodies are super complex and, if you ask me, I find the whole things super fascinating!

So, how do you best feed your brain?

  1. Eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods: Especially foods such as avocados, blueberries, leafy greens, broccoli, and celery

  2. Eat fiber rich foods: Fiber (in fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds) help to feed your awesome gut microbes.

  3. Eat omega-3 fats: These fats, often added in form of a high-quality supplement are found in fatty fish (e.g. wild caught salmon, sardines, etc), walnuts, algae, and seeds like flax, chia, and hemp. These healthy fast are known to have inflammation-lowering brain boosters.

  4. Stay hydrated: Studies show that even mild dehydration can impair your mood, memory, and alertness

Improving your diet can be a direct link to sharper focus, improved memory, greater mental capacity, and better mood. If you are looking to ace your career and, more importantly sustain your amazing successes then taking care of your body must be a priority.

I suspect you have tried to make positive changes to your diet many times before but have fallen back into old habits as weeks and months passed. Allow my team of executive health coaches help you achieve your wellness goals and sustain them.

My goal for you is to live your healthiest, most JOYful life, so when you are ready click the 'Contact' button in the top right corner or simply send us an email to to schedule your free discovery session.

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