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How to Renew, Revitalize, and Lose Weight in Time for Summer

Back in January, did you start the year going on a diet? What if I told you that your timing was a bit off? Yes, stopping excessive eating was definitely needed after the holiday, but trying to solely live off salad and fruits and vegetables may have not jived with your body that well. We, like mother nature have a seasonal rhythm to our nutritional needs and in winter (hibernation season) we tend to thrive a lot more on heartier foods like stews and warm chunky soups.

But this is the right time

Spring is the beginning of something new. The days are getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and everything is coming alive. This is the time to adjust our diet. And the best way I’ve found to make that shift is to press the reboot button by doing a “cleanse.”

My first cleanse changed my life forever

I have a personal history of having great results with cleanses. In August of 2015, after experiencing extreme stress and anxiety, I discovered a lump in my right breast. Fortunately it turned out to be benign…the lump however remained. I decided to do a vegetable and fruit cleanse with a health coach and by day seven the lump was gone! This experience showed me first-hand how powerfully the body reacts when we feed it good, healthy and vibrant foods while cleansing out the junk in our bodies.

The health benefits of a “cleanse” are staggering

  1. Increases energy

  2. Heightens your senses

  3. Detoxes your liver

  4. Resets your mind

  5. Restarts healthy eating habits

  6. And yes, weight loss

I recently embarked on another 12-day cleanse and was surprised by some of the less common benefits such as greater awareness of my emotions, realizing when negative self-talk wants to creep in, and most importantly greater peace and JOY. Overall, everything seems more vibrant and alive…just like the spring blossoms and trees…it just feels like a reawakening from the slumber of winter.

The cleansing options are endless

There are many different types of cleanses so don’t feel like you have to jump straight into a juice cleanse. You can take a break from alcohol, meat, sugar, or try out a raw food diet, or a broth based cleanse. The most important element is to do what feels right for you. Some individuals can handle a more restrictive cleanse while others prefer a more moderate version or reduced duration. It is important to listen to your body and trust that it knows what’s best. In our coaching programs, we customize all aspects to our client’s needs as health is definitely not a one size fits all approach.

And even a house clean can help your weight loss

In addition to food type “cleanses” we can also cleanse our homes and our lives. A house cleanse would include decluttering, cleaning out drawers and closets, getting rid of old and outdated items. Chances are if you have not used something within the past year, you are likely not to use it in the future.

Researchers from Cornell University found that getting rid of clutter in our environments can also improve our diet and waistline. Specifically that women eat more sweets and high-fat foods when faced with daily hassles or professional stress. Wow, well that explains a lot doesn’t it? Stress definitely has adverse effects on health and now we see the correlation between stress and food choices as well.

We are here to help

Do you think a cleanse might be right for you? To learn click the 'Contact' button in the top right corner or simply send us an email to to schedule your free discovery session.

Remember, at JOYVIAL, we are committed to helping you live your healthiest, most JOYful life. For all the latest health and wellness tips and to get inspired, following along with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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