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JOY DAY 2020 – Why We Cried and Danced For JOY

Well, what can I say? I’m literally buzzing! I’m beaming from ear to ear and my heart is filled with love and JOY realizing the impact JOY DAY 2020 had on so many.

The feedback has been “amazing!” Many noted celebrating the “real and authentic” conversations. Some were brought to tears of JOY while others were inspired to get up and dance.

My favorite quote of the event:

“I can choose JOY at any moment. JOY doesn’t have to be attached to my circumstances; it doesn’t have to be attached to my environment.”

- Karen Houghton

If you couldn’t make it, I highly encourage you to watch the replay or at a minimum, keep reading as I reveal the nuggets of wisdom shared by our amazing guests and highlight some of the tools and techniques to become more JOYful.

Thought provoking insights on how to feel more JOYful from our guests:

Karen Houghton, “Choose Your Perspective.” Vice President of the Atlanta Tech Village, told a beautiful story about her and her 4-year old daughter, Haven, swimming in the pouring rain. While many families at the pool packed up and went home, Karen chose a different perspective and went back into the pool. Soon the rain stopped and they were rewarded with the most beautiful rainbow over their heads.

As Karen said “I’m so glad I took a bit of an uncomfortable route because it turned into this quintessential summer moment.” She reminded us we can choose a new perspective at any time.

Camye Mackey, Have Fun and Enjoy Life.” Chief People, Diversity and Inclusions Officer for the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena spoke about the need to intentionally create JOY. It all comes down to your priorities in your life.

She said take time to reflect on your current situation and remind yourself how you dealt with difficult moments in the past. It doesn’t take long but the key is to schedule that time. Most of all, Camye reminded us to relax and allow ourselves to have fun and live life to the fullest.

Jeff Hilimire, Find Your Purpose and Use That.” CEO of Dragon Army, founder of 4848 and Ripples of Hope, as well as author talked about his company’s purpose to “Inspire Happiness.” After much consideration he believes that a company’s purpose can reflect the company’s soul vs. what you physically do.

In tough times, like 2020, revenue and profits may be down but his company has over delivered on inspiring happiness. “If you can find someone’s purpose and use it to do good, it’ll change their life entirely.”

Jeanne Artime,“Our Time is Limited.Do What You Love.” The CEO of SHRM Atlanta shared that her reason for leaving SHRM Atlanta at the end of October 2020 is due in large part by her desire to give back in a way that most nourishes her soul.

What are you grateful for?

A number of our guests talked about the power of a daily gratitude practice. Karen shared how she, her husband and her daughter have a nightly ritual where they each tell each other what they are grateful for. Some days her young daughter is grateful for her toothbrush or her bunny and other times for mom’s hugs.

Having a daily gratitude practice is very powerful. For one, it allows you to look at the world with an understanding that everything we have is a gift…our senses, our health, our food, relationships and so much more. But, gratitude also changes your brain wiring leading you to feel more JOYful more often than not.

Faith will bring you hope and JOY.

Camye shared how faith is at the core of who she is. “It keeps me grounded. My faith allows me to keep things in perspective.” She also reminds herself that “Nothing will stay the same forever so also this [hardship] shall pass.”

Additionally, Karen shared how she uses her faith going through hard times, like this pandemic. Her faith allows her to see a greater purpose. It also brings hope and even meaning in situations that initially feel meaningless.

Find JOY in the little things.

Camye shared how she loves finding JOY in the little things in life. Like seeing babies, watching her daughters, seeing senior citizens holding hands walking in the park, being amazed by the leaves changing colors.

She shared that having dance parties with her kids at the house and acting silly is so much fun and helps them to lighten up. We talked about our love for music and the profound impact it can have on your mood. I personally love listening to artists like Jason Mraz. He not only uplifts you with his words but his lyrics are a recipe on how to live a JOYful life.

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