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How to Make Your To-Do List More Fun

Being organized, structured and disciplined is part of my DNA, perfectly fitting the stereotype that us Austrians need “order” to feel at peace. I’m a master of the to-do-list, never miss a deadline, and have processes in place that make my business a well-oiled machine.

Striving to run a highly successful company, I discovered Brendon Burchard, whose teachings have helped me be even more intentional about my time in the office and, because of his lessons I’ve seen amazing progress in my work. As the work week ends and the weekend begins, the list of ‘to-dos’ however doesn’t seem to stop, running errands, doing laundry, buying groceries, cooking for the week, tidying up the house, and, and, and. The lists help to not forget anything and plan your time for the day. But I’ve realized that while being productive, intentional, and focused is so needed at work, I’m more than ever craving freedom from structure on my days off.

You can’t rip those lists apart as many to-dos can’t be ignored, but I’ve found a way to reframe how I view these tasks and immediate saw a positive change in my mood and a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

"I’ve included my heart in the decision-making process."

Instead of sorting my chores and checking them off in the order that makes most logical sense, I apply a different lens. At the start of the day, and after completing any given task on that list, I ask myself “which of the various options on this menu would bring the most joy to my day. Instead of perceiving everything as a ‘must do’, each task becomes one of many choices that can enhance the next moments. In this assessment I not only include the things that are written on the list but I pause and listen to my intuition, giving me space to recognize if there are other possibilities that would make me even happier in that moment. Before you know it, you find yourself reading another chapter of the book you haven’t picked up in weeks, practicing your instrument, or running an errand that wasn’t even on the to do list but now seems more energizing than the others.

But hold on, how do I get anything done you might ask. First let’s be honest and admit that the lists never end. Before we would check the last thing off, we’d add 3 new to-dos. It’s human nature to always strive for more, and while that’s crucial in our evolution, it can cripple your life. So yes, I may not get everything done that day BUT for one, I’ve realized that eventually most things get checked off, either a day later, a week later, or some things turn out not to be that important and therefor never get done. However more importantly I find myself looking back at the end of the day feeling accomplished, fulfilled and yes, happy!

Having a day fully planned out doesn’t allow for your intuition to be heard. You solely base your decision-making process on logic and your competitive drive to ‘achieve’, and don’t allow to be influenced by emotions and feelings.

You may not think that feelings (roll eyes) are that important but consider the moments you felt the happiest – you may envision a memory of the past but it’s the feeling you associate with that moment that evokes happiness. You can choose to reserve your moments of happiness to Friday and Saturday evenings only, but I want more than that and following my heart more often than not is having a very meaningful impact on my happiness...try it out!

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